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An Introduction to FOOD S.T.A.R.

What is the Food Safety Technical Assessment Report?

A comprehensive assessment that has the potential for four distinct components

  • A Food Safety Assessment based on the Model Food Code

  • A BOH Risk Assessment

  • An Allergen Awareness Safety Assessment

  • A Brand Protection Assessment

Today’s Food Safety Assessment

  • Much more than checking a box- observational

  • Evolving more into identifying root causes for deviations- behavioral

  • Continual development to ensure effective, efficient and significant food safety programs

  • Robust Food Safety Assessment Programs are essential for the protection of food service

Today’s Food Safety Assessment must be consistent, reliable and to be able to adapt to the needs of our clients.  Its much more than checking boxes, which are observational only.  We see that assessments are evolving, focusing on finding root causes of violations by looking more closely at employee behavior. Health Department inspections and audits have evolved from the focus on walls, floors and ceilings to demonstrate overall cleanliness. Our food safety assessments are focused on the more dangerous CDC Risk Factors.  We are seeing yet another shift where behavior can result in a company’s overall food safety culture.  The Washington Hospitality Association with UL as our service provider is staying instep with these changes and evolving and improving to meet the food safety needs going in to the future by offering a wider array of supplemental assessments or trainings.  We are in continual development of effective, efficient and critical food safety practices with a focus on consistency.    

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